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  • How to buy replacement window screens

    Did the cat rip the mosquito netting while playing ball? Or did a distracted son kick the mesh? Don’t fuss! Thanks to this article, you’ll find that there’s a secret that makes it easy to find window replacement for roll-up screens!

    Window companies near me don’t have a lifetime warranty, but repairing them can often be cheaper than buying new ones outright. However, if you’re looking for mosquito net repair accessories, you’ve already realized that finding the correct parts can often be tricky. So how do you do it?

    We have been selling mosquito nets online for some time now. In all these years of experience, we have realized the real secret, and now we will reveal it to you: it depends on where you bought the mosquito netting. What do we mean by telling you this?

    If, on the other hand, you are more interested in finding a new mosquito net immediately, go directly to the category of individual mosquito nets for sale.

    The first rule of thumb is don’t pick up mosquito nets at the first store you see: you may be unable to find replacement parts if you need them. Every day we receive calls from desperate customers explaining that they no longer know where to go. Why do these situations happen? Because the salesperson they contacted has retired at the time, changed jobs, or lived in Hawaii, the result is always the same: “The mosquito net is broken, and I can’t find parts. Do you happen to have them?”

    If, on the other hand, you buy your new mosquito nets now from an online store, you no longer have to worry about running out of spare parts in the event of a breakdown. If something breaks, we can ask the manufacturers for replacement parts for mosquito nets. Every mosquito net we sell is made by major manufacturers who supply us with replacement parts in case of breakage. That way, you don’t have to replace your entire mosquito net.

    Mosquito net repair directly from the manufacturer

    Can’t fix your mosquito netting yourself? We on the team selling mosquito nets for years aren’t all homemade geniuses either; no shame! No problem: take it apart and send it to us … we’ll take care of talking to the manufacturer to get it repaired at the lowest possible cost. It will cost you much less than buying a new one. Your mosquito net will last longer, and you will get good savings.

    Mosquito nets: the most sought-after replacement accessory

    Mosquito nets can tear for a variety of reasons. The two most common causes are the “careless” passage of animals or people breaking through the netting or strong gusts of wind that can eventually damage the structure or cause sudden jerks.

    If you bought mosquito nets and the mesh of one of the mosquito nets rips… no problem! Contact us, and we will find a way to solve the problem. We will send you a replacement roll of netting as soon as possible. And the damage will be reimbursed at a minimal cost. This may seem trivial to you, but very few online stores or stores sell mosquito nets and offer this type of service!

    Every day we are contacted by people who have bought mosquito nets from vendors who refuse to help them find replacement accessories.

    How to find mosquito net components without worries

    You can’t afford replacement accessories when your mosquito net is broken, but consider this when buying. You’ll almost certainly need a replacement one day … for this reason, we recommend you buy your mosquito nets from a store that considers your future needs.

    You can find an extensive range of mosquito nets to suit every interior and functionality. Discover all models of side-scrolling mosquito nets for sale, designed for balconies and French windows. These safe mosquito nets provide easy passage and no risk of tripping.

    On the other hand, if you’re looking for a roll-up mosquito net with a vertical spring or chain slide, you can visit the category dedicated to window mosquito nets. Again, you can choose various quality models perfect for protecting your window bay.

    Have doubts about how to measure mosquito nets? Don’t worry: you can read a particular article and solve any problem related to counting.

    Thank you for reading this article on how to find replacement accessories quickly and easily. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us: we’ll be happy to help you choose your new fancy mosquito nets! Don’t rely on newcomers: choose years of experience to avoid surprises and get the most at the most reasonable price.

    During the warm season, you long to open the window, sit on the balcony in the sunlight and let the fresh air into the apartment. But, unfortunately, the air in your home can enter less pleasant guests – mosquitoes, flies, stinging insects, and other flying “neighbors .”From them, however, relatively easy to protect yourself if you install a mosquito net.

    Typically, nets are placed on the windows and the glazing of balconies and loggias. These nets have some functions:

    • Nets protect the room from the entry of pests.
    • Nets stand in the way of objects of plant origin (pollen, poplar down, etc.)
    • If you have pets (especially cats who like to lie by the window), the netting, in most cases, prevents them from falling out.
    • You can’t drop an ashtray, lighter, cup, phone, or anything else you carry on the balcony through the mesh.

    However, not only the glazing of the balcony must be protected, but also the balcony door. This way, you are guaranteed to escape the entry of even the most persistent insects. This is especially true if you have children or people with allergies who are particularly vulnerable to insect bites. Moreover, mosquito nets for balcony doors should be installed even earlier than similar protection for balcony glazing.

    How to say correctly: “mosquito” or “anti-mosquito” netting? Both variants are accepted, but in professional circles, the variant “anti-mosquito” is more common in everyday life – “mosquito.”

    Today there is a wide variety of mosquito nets for balcony doors. Let’s consider some types more closely and determine their main disadvantages and advantages. So it will be easier for you to choose the optimal design for yourself.

    Swinging mosquito nets

    The most apparent design for a mosquito net on the door is hinged. These are the same aluminum profile frames on which the mosquito net is stretched. Such shelves are fixed on hinges and operate on the principle of conventional doors. As a rule, such a grid opens to the side opposite the door opening. Therefore, providing space for free entrance, the available exit, and the grid is necessary.

    Doors are made considering that they have to open frequently to pass between rooms, so they must be more robust and tighter. To avoid gaps through which insects can enter the house, mosquito doors usually have magnets for fixing and door closers set in the correct position.

    Swinging mosquito nets on doors is usually easy to install and does an excellent job of their protective function. Care of such a door is easy. Sometimes you can find on-sale models with a replaceable mesh. They are usually equipped with two kinds of mesh of different densities.

    For practically any size of the opening, you can find a suitable variant of a swing net.

    Sliding mosquito nets

    A sliding net is usually hung on an aluminum frame and slides on horizontal guides, similar to a sliding door or gate. Just as a swing net is generally combined with a swing door, a sliding catch is usually installed as part of, or adapted to, a sliding balcony door.

    The main advantage of a sliding net is its low weight. As a result, it slides quickly and silently along the rails, and no great effort is needed to close it.

    Another significant advantage is that you can use this grid only during the warm season. In the winter, it can be removed, cleaned, or washed and sent for storage in the closet. This procedure will not harm the longevity of the grid. The main thing is to keep it clean and regularly lubricate the guides and roller mechanism.

    Roll-up mosquito nets

    The main advantage of roll-up nets is their compactness. To open the netting, you do not need free space in front of the door or on the side; a small box on one side of the opening is enough. Such nets are rolled up and expanded as needed, both vertically and horizontally. If you have encountered roller blinds, you understand the principle of operation.

    Roll-up nets are usually designed for places where they don’t need to be opened often. A vertical roll-up net is excellent for, for example, a non-glazed balcony that rarely opens. On the other hand, horizontal netting is ideal for a doorway if you use it often.

    As a rule, roll-up nets are made to order, considering all the peculiarities. Then, the ready-made block, created according to the results of measurements, is mounted. The construction in the closed form tightly closes the openings and saves from large and small insects, pollen, down, and other nasties. Alas, replacement nets are not provided here, but the designs look great and are easy to use.

    Mosquito nets plissé

    Posset is a construction similar in principle to the “accordion .”As a rule, pleated netting is installed horizontally, although there are also vertical variants. It goes well with wide apertures (up to 3 m). Such a grid is compact and convenient, and for its maintenance in cleanliness, no great efforts are needed.

    Such nets are perfect if your loggia or balcony is not yet glazed or you do not plan it at all.

    Before you choose a model of anti-mosquito netting for your balcony, loggia, or home, think about which option will be most convenient for you and will be best combined with the interior design.

    With the summer comes the rather unpleasant problem associated with insects, which never miss an opportunity to infringe on our peace!

    Avoid problems of this kind; you will help in time installed on the doors and windows mosquito nets.

    It is worth mentioning that mosquito screens are suitable not only for protection from insects – they can perform some useful functions:

    – Detain, for example, poplar down, plant pollen, or just street dust from entering your home; 

    – It can also save you from a cigarette carelessly thrown out the window by your neighbor; 

    – With its help, you can avoid accidents with pets.

    You will find a complete range of mosquito nets for windows and doors. And if you already have a mosquito net installed on your window that is still very good, just a little dirty or torn, you can quickly repair it with our repair kit.

    If you or your friends have ever ordered mosquito netting through a window company, you probably know how reluctant the installers are to take such orders. And the customer should be very patient – first, you have to wait for a long time to see the measurements, then wait while the busy production will make the mesh according to individual measures, then wait for the delivery. When you purchase our mosquito nets, you will not have to wait! You can easily and very quickly assemble them yourself. On the same day, you will have a new mesh on your windows!

    A few more advantages of our sets:

    – You will be pleasantly pleased with the price of our mosquito nets;

    – You can choose the size of mosquito nets you need: window grids up to 1.5 meters high and 0.7 meters wide, door grids up to 2.1 meters high and 0.9 meters wide;

    – Prefabricated mosquito nets are often damaged in transit, so you may receive your long-awaited netting with damage, which will never happen with our compact and well-packaged sets. 

    We hope that our mosquito nets will serve you well in the fight against insects and dust in the future and allow you to enjoy the summer season!

    Mosquito netting is designed to prevent not only insects from entering the room. It perfectly copes with poplar down, the trash that spreads in the wind, and leaves from neighboring trees. Cigarette butts from neighbors who smoke on the floor above will not get into your apartment even when you are not there. If you have a pet, such as a parrot or a cat, they will not be able to slip away without your knowledge. Mosquito netting can be ordered when installing the windows, but if you want, you can postpone the purchase of a mosquito net for the spring if you order windows in the fall.

    Frame mosquito nets

    Frame mosquito screens are most often demanded on the market. Fixed constructions are aluminum profiles on which the grid is mounted. It may be necessary to install such mosquito netting on windows whose width exceeds 1 meter. If this is the case, a different profile must be added to the net in the middle to give the structure extra rigidity.

    Frame mosquito nets can be installed on plastic, wooden, and aluminum windows. Installation is carried out with the help of metal brackets, which are fixed in the opening. On the outside of the window, construction is installed Z-fasteners.

    The mosquito frame grid is made of aluminum profiles combined with plastic corners into a rectangular contour. The mesh is stretched using a sealant. Mosquito nets do not lose their appearance over time because the cloth is made of fiberglass, and the profile is extruded and coated with a polymer powder compound.

    When installing frame mosquito nets, hooks are better in the window opening. Such a grid can be easily not only installed but also, if necessary, removed. There is no need to drill into the window frame during installation. The mesh fits snugly to the edge because the fixation is carried out in 6 main points. Frame mosquito nets are essential for residents of the lower floors. After all, fasteners are located on the side of the room, so removing the grid from the outside is difficult.

    Mosquito netting of this type of frame can be of two types: “anti-cat” and “standard .”Thanks to a special coating of dark color, “anti-cat” will come in handy for those residents of houses who keep pets at home. Such a grid is not afraid of the claws of animals. And the “standard” grid will be invisible on the window, and the basic fabric has a gray color.

    Roll-up mosquito netting

    Roll-up or roll-up mosquito nets refer to modern innovations. Mounted with the help of four self-tapping screws, the roll-up net is installed permanently. The shaft on which the mesh cloth is wound is hidden in a special box at the top of the window. Suffice it to pull the cord, and the grid is drawn out of the box. Thanks to the sealing strips fitted on the sides, you won’t have any gaps when unrolling the net. When the trap is fully unfolded, it is secured with latches. When the wire mesh is not needed, you can press the latches, and the netting will fold into a box.

    In winter, the roller blind does not need to be removed and sits compactly over the window. The roller blind can be completed with a special brush which allows for keeping the form during strong winds. But the latches are dangerous because they can be opened even by a child. And the mechanical basis of this type of mosquito net can periodically break.

    Door mosquito netting

    The mesh for installation on the doorway can be helpful in the balcony or entrance door. It is especially relevant in a private home and can be installed at the exit to the porch or terrace. Installation is carried out with the help of curtains, which have built-in door closers. Thanks to these closers, the door grid closes itself. In the closed position, the grid is fixed by magnetic holders. But if necessary, the door closers can be turned off. The bristle seal, which is glued on the sides of the opening, helps to eliminate gaps.

    Door nets can remain on the door for the winter, but like other mosquito nets, the less winter it spends outside, the longer it can last.

    Mosquito nets for do-it-yourself installation

    Some kits allow you to assemble and install a mosquito net yourself. The kit consists of adhesive tape on one side, hooks on the other, and mesh fabric. The video is glued to the window opening, and the mesh is cut to the size of the space and attached to the hooks on the perimeter.

    This option is suitable for dacha because it will cost inexpensively. It is optimal to use such a set if the size of the windows is not standard. You can order a mosquito net according to the parameters or do the installation yourself. But such a mosquito net will serve not more than two seasons. So it is worth calculating the most suitable variant for you.